Resident from the Tahoe Park neighborhood, members of the local business community, representatives from city hall, sworn officers from the Sacramento Police Department, and other social advocates got together this morning at Mae Fong Park in Sacramento to denounce the recent vandalism that marred the otherwise peaceful meeting place.  According to the investigators, sometime over the past weekend the park’s main identification sign and several playground structures were defaced by spray-painted graffiti which used racial epithets.

Councilmember Kevin McCarty spoke for the group on Tuesday morning when he condemned the hateful act.

“This will not be tolerated,” McCarty said. “Not in this community, not anywhere. We’re here to today not only to clean up this mess, but to stand united against bigotry.”

McCarty reminded the attendees that only a few months prior, many of them at met at the same park during its dedication ceremony. The park was named for the recently deceased local businesswoman, Mae Fong, who owned and operated a Sacramento printing company with her husband for decades. Fong & Fong Printers is located only a mere few feet from the new park. Members of her family were on hand to help clean up the mess as well.

Eric Gurrea, President of the Tahoe Park Neighborhood Association, also shared his feelings about the incident with the crowd.

“Acts like this only strengthen our resolve,” proclaimed Guerra. “This group gathered today is proof, this neighborhood will not put up with this.”

Together, McCarty, Gurrea, and members of the Fong family used cleaning solutions and a little elbow grease as they removed spray-paint from a playground slide. City maintenance crews used a pressure washer to restore the Mae Fong Park sign to its prior glory.

“Just last October, we were here celebrating the grand opening of this new park,” McCarty reminded the crowd. “While we’d much rather be here again under better circumstances, it’s good to see that this neighborhood is ready to band together to turn this despicable act into a positive thing.”