SIGN UP NOW: About Cine-Visionaries: The aim is to use film to inspire audiences to see our world in a positive light and become involved in social change. Today many positive innovations escape the sensational headline news stories. Cine Visionaries will introduce us to people, events and movements that are making a positive impact in our world. These are short films (under 7 minutes in length). You are encouraged to find a subject then create a film and introduce the subject to help change the world.
About Mr. Merrill: Kieth is the Academy Award winner for BEST DOCUMENTARY for his film The Last Cowboy.  A member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, Kieth is a founding partner of Odyssey, which pioneered IMAX format film technology and a founding member of Audience Alliance, a production company committed to motion pictures that embrace virtues and values. Now you can learn from Kieth directly as he helps us head CINE VISIONARIES.
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