Announce 2012 Call for Scripts…  Monday January 8, 2012 – Formatting and submission guidelines are available online at

·  Crocker Museum “2011 PCS Revisited” – Thursday evening February 2, 2012
Special showcase of all ten films from 2011 on the Crocker “big screen”

·  Short Form Script Writing Class with Screenwriter Matt Perry ($50 fee)
Three, 4-hour classes on writing “short form” film scripts. Polish your PCS entry or further your film writing skills. Starts  – Saturdays – February 11th  to March 3rd , 11 AM-3 PM

·  Short Film Production Tips with Nate Schemel ($50 fee) Four Saturdays starting March 17 from 11-3 PM. Teaches you key steps in pre & post-production, casting, scheduling, and more.

·  Script Deadline for PCS…  Tuesday April 10  (5pm) Acc/Sac Office – Formatting and submission guidelines are available online at

·  PCS Script Judging… April 12-May 11 – Local professionals review and select 10 scripts.

·  Cast and Crew Call…  Wednesday May 23 (6:00 PM – 8:30 PM)
Join with hundreds of interested cast and crewmembers to meet the selected
screenwriters and hear them “pitch” their stories. Join the production team(s) and help make a movie! Production teams are formed and work all summer to create the 10 PCS movies.

·  Workshop “PCS Production Planning” …  Saturday June 09  (9 AM – Noon)
The ten teams gather to receive further instructions, production tips, and share
ideas. Participants invited shall include key members of each production team.

·  Workshop Post-Production/Editing … Saturday July 07  (9 AM- Noon)
As final editing approaches, learn some tips from the experts. Finalize your
formatting, credits, and other questions needed to meet the deadline.

·  Deadline for Final PCS Films -Tues. September 4 (Noon Acc/Sac Office)
Hard deadline, no excuses. Guidelines are available online at

·  2012 PCS World Premiere… Sunday October 7, 2012  (1:00 PM)

All completed films premiere on the Big Screen at the Crest. Invite your family,
friends and strangers you want to impress… a great show about… a place called
Sacramento! All seats are $10. All films are “family friendly”. World Premiere!