Last week I published a story about a burglary at a Downtown Sacramento workshop which left a talented artist and craftsman without the tools he needed to produce his eco-friendly furniture. Unfortunately, I cannot report that the thieves who made off with over $6,000 of Reclamation Art + Furniture’s tools have been caught. I can report, however, that business owner Steven Tiller is not letting this event hinder his momentum, and is in fact moving forward with a new purpose on a Kickstarter project that he hopes you will become a part of.

For those of you who may not know, Kickstarter is a website that offers creative people a way to fund their projects through crowd-sourcing. Visitors are encouraged to commit funding towards projects they would like to see come to fruition, and if the Kickstarter campaign reaches its predetermined goal, the money is released to the project creator.

Tiller has designed a new product he calls “The Bike Valet”, and promotes it as a great way to store a bicycle in a small apartment, or anywhere else for that matter. The “Valet” is a piece of 1/8” steel that is cut by lasers and bent by hand before being powder coated for long-lasting durability. You then install it on your wall to keep your bike from taking up too much space in your living quarters. You can also hang a messenger bag or purse on it from a built-in hook towards the bottom. All told it’s stylish, functional, and locally made.

If you can help support this Kickstarter project, you’ll be doing much more than purchasing a neat piece modern furniture. You’ll also be helping a Sacramento business overcome from a regrettable transgression by turning a negative into a positive. If you have a chance, consider checking out the Kickstarter project for yourself here.