Sunday, January 15, 2012 7:30 PM – Admission: $5.00 Movies on a Big Screen at The Guild 2828 35th St – Sacramento, CA

Never Make it Home/Split Lip Rayfield A new documentary from GJ Echternkamp (director of “Frank and Cindy”)!! Kirk Rundstrom was given two months to live. So he booked a tour. After ten years of constant touring, with four critically acclaimed albums under their belt, Wichita “insurgent country” band

Split Lip Rayfield had built up a dedicated legion of fans throughout the world. With their lively combo of guitar, mandolin, banjo, gas-tank bass, multi-part harmonies, and singing often bordering on screaming, Split Lip’s music defied genres-too raucous to be bluegrass, too acoustic to be rock ‘n’ roll, and too melodic to be punk. But in 2006, Kirk Rundstrom, the electric,

hell-raising singer/guitarist of the band, was diagnosed with terminal cancer and
given only two months to live. “Never Make It Home” is the inspiring story of
what he chose to do next.