Are you a youth in Sacramento between the ages of 14 and 17 looking for a job? The City of Sacramento Department of Recreation Lighting and Landscaping programs has a job announcement geared towards youth. The Lighting and Landscaping Program runs from March 2nd to May 12th 2013, and it requires youth to work in groups consisting of other youth aides and an adult supervisor. Together the youth are expected to complete basic park maintenance tasks such as weeding, trimming and picking up trash.

“The Lighting and Landscaping Program is a good head start for teens that are new to the working world,” says Zacorya Tillman, a former youth aide of the 2012 phase. “It teaches you a lot of things about yard work and things you can do to keep your community clean and it also teaches you teamwork.”

Living within the Sacramento City limits and being a U.S citizen are other requirements to apply for this program. The application deadline is Friday January 18th 2013. For more information about the Youth Aide position check the link bellow. For those over the age of 25 the Lighting and Landscaping Program offers a Special Program Leader position.

The Duty of the leaders is to be responsible for managing the work of youth including developing job skills, managing tools and materials, and keeping records of work hours. The requirements for this position are a valid California Class C driver’s license and proof of citizenship. For more information about the Special Program Leader position application please check the link bellow.

 Youth Aide app 

Special Program Leader app