Party hats and horns are part of the outfit this time of year, but they’ll be doubly appropriate Friday, Dec. 30, when Arts in River Park presents a New Year’s Eve-Eve party that celebrates 10 years of the art-and-music festival organization.

And talk about horns – musical entertainment at the event will be provided by ReUnion as Bump City, a Tower of Power tribute band. Just like Tower of Power, this tribute band is funkified and horn-driven. ReUnion was begun in 2005 and began its Bump City tribute to Tower of Power in 2009, quickly becoming one of the few TOP tribute bands.  Its repertoire includes all the familiar TOP hits, including “Down to the Nightclub,”  “So Very Hard To Go,” “What Is Hip?” and “Still a Young Man.”

The concert and attendant arts show and sale  (which also will mark the birthday of Arts in River Park co-founder Brenda Waters) will begin at 7 p.m. at Central United Methodist Church, 5265 H St. Tickets are $15, and checks may be made payable to Arts in River Park, P.O. Box 191312, Sacramento, CA.In addition to music by ReUnion, the Dec. 30 event will feature handmade items including ceramics by Robyn Slakey, crafts and paintings by Deborah and Michal Smith and Joy Gee, jewelry and art by Matrix Arts, jewelry and crafts by Sister Sheba and purses by Anastasia Kryukova.

For more information and reservations, e-mail Brenda Waters at or call her at (916)  457-3337