“Enjoy the Old City and Older City”

This week LiveWire will feature guests from Old Sacramento and also from our Sister City, Bethlehem, Palestine. Learn what they have in common, popular tourist destinations, and more!

Old Sacramento has lots going on right now. This time of year it’s a popular spot to enjoy the season locally. A representative from Old Sacramento Association will be on the show to share details all about what’s happening over the winter season. Currently, you can go and see all the decorations including the beautifully lit tree in the center of Front Street. The ‘Raley’s Theatre of Lights’ is taking place through the new year and features amazing lights shone up on the local building with a reading by Mark Twain of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas”. There are lots of activities to choose from. The area is home to many museums including the Sacramento History Museum, the Train Museum, and the Old School-house Museum. It’s also home to several notable landmarks such as the Central Pacific Railroad Passenger Station and the B.F. Hastings building. There are also several theaters in the area where you can take in a live performance like the shows at Capital Stage and at The Eagle Theater.

For details about Old Sacramento log on to www.OldSacramento.com

LiveWire will also have a guest representative talking about our Sister City, Bethlehem, Palestine.We’ll learn about this important city that has great importance to world history and a special relationship with Sacramento, California. Not only is Bethlehem considered a sacred city, but ‘Sacred City’ is also the meaning of our cities name. Sacramento and Bethlehem are both water cities. Sacramento is on the river and Bethlehem is next to the Dead Sea. They have similar climates according to the Sister City website and both have some popular tourist destinations. We’ll learn about some of the most famous tourist sites and maybe even some not so well known sites of interest.

To learn more about Bethlehem, visit www.CityofSacramento.org/SisterCities

Tune in to LiveWire on Wednesday, December 7th at 5pm on Access Sacramento channel 17 or watch the simulcast online at www.AccessSacramento.org click ‘watch 17’.