During the next six months, we expect progress on the following new projects or major expansions of continuing projects previously implemented.

Holiday Party with “Sister Swing” December 4 at the Coloma Center Auditorium
Collaboration with select County Libraries and NNB

Collaboration with Local Government and NNB

Mid-March Annual “Open House” and Celebration of “Sunshine Week”

Western Regional Alliance for Community Media Conference October, 2012

Stipend Program for NNB Youth
Monetary Prizes for “Youth Media That Matters” and Youth Media Forum

Expansion of NNB Stories Contributed by “Building Healthy Communities”
Community Calendar Displayed on Cable TV Channels Bulletin Board

Launch “Express Yourself!” Marketing Campaign –

Senior Magazine Live Joint Cable TV and Online Programming

Crocker Art Gallery Premiere of 2011 PCS Films February 2, 2012

Movies On the Big Screen (MOBS) Sunday Showcase at the Guild Theater

Design Challenges of Merging AccessLocal.tv and Cable TV Channel Playback

Request Additional Space at Coloma Center