Building a new interactive web site for local nonprofits, Access Sacramento continues to make progress despite economic challenges to the organizations involved. Launched in March of this year, has provided training and resources to several nonprofit groups identified as Neighborhood News Bureaus. In recent reports to the Sacramento Metropolitan Cable Television Commission (SMCTC) and to The California Endowment, Access Sacramento identifies evidence of this progress.

Charting monthly totals for “Unique Visitors” to the site, here are the numbers from March through September, 2011. Jumping from 1,212 in March to 6,084 in September is a 500% increase. Much of this greater visibility is due to the RSS link of the sites content to the aggregated blog sites of the Sacramento Bee (“Sacramento Connects”) and to KXTV News10 (“My Neighborhood”). Here the numbers:

Month                          Unique Visitors

2011Mar                                   1,212
2011Apr                                    2,312
2011May                                   3,058
2011Jun                                    3,663
2011Jul                                     5,569
2011Aug                                   5,090
2011Sept                                  6,084