In 2006, Kristen Ory left her bay area home to study digital video production at CSUS. Following her 2009 spring internship at Access Sacramento, Kristen was hired as a part time employee.

Like many other recent college graduates, Kristen struggled to find a full time job for an entire year after she graduated.

“It was scary,” said Kristen. “But I kept talking to people and they would tell me about job openings.”

This approach finally worked for Kristen and she was hired by Bauer 360, a local company that performs web development, search engine optimization, email and cell phone marketing, and other related services for their clients.

Kristen helps Bauer 360 with the design of product brochures and video catalogs, email blasts and video posting and edits a variety of projects for Access Sacramento.

“I like being able to see the stuff I produce being put out there,” she said.

Kristen is not only grateful to have a job in today’s economy, but happy that she can do what she loves and get paid for it. In addition to her love for digital video production, Kristen also finds time to enjoy the little things in life.

“I like cooking, walking, drinking coffee and watching movies,” she said with a smile. Kristen continues to live in Sacramento with her fiancé.