Each day at 5:30 PM on channel 17, the whole family can tune-in to “Story Time Friends” and have local leaders and children’s authors read to your children. Combining chapter readings by 35 local leaders, “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” and local authors children’s stories are edited into 30 minute episodes. The local authors were recorded at Fairytale Town the last weekend in September. The new series is intended as a family alternative to daily news programs.

During the summer months, as part of the Sacramento Bee and County Libraries “Big Read” series, Access Sacramento welcomed 35 different local leaders, each reading a chapter of Mark Twain’s famous adventure novel.

“What a wonderful opportunity to share great literature with children”, commented Executive Director Ron Cooper. “The Bee featured the readings on their web site during October and now the story continues on Channel 17. We lead each half hour program with Tom Sawyer and then complete each episodes with short stories and performances recorded at Fairytale Town September 27 and 28. We thank all involved for their time and creativity.”

Tired of war, fiscal collapse, and other news of the day? Then turn to channel 17 each weekday at 5:30 PM and encourage your children to read along with Tom, Huck, Miss Polly and the gang.