WAVE Awards – the Western Access Video Excellence Awards – provide media producers with the opportunity to showcase their best work along with other community producers in the Alliance for Community, Western Region’s six states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Nevada and New Mexico.

The 2011 WAVE Awards ceremony was held Saturday, October 8 in San Jose, California.

Several local producers won WAVE awards for their projects, including Michelle Barbaria and Liz Harrison for LiveWire “The Diviners” and “Little Miss Capital City”, Shelly Blanchard for the Rancho Cordova i-Fest and Sommer Hoke for her 2010 Place Called Sacramento film, “War At Home.”

“Naturally, we’re very excited to win this award,” said Shelley Blanchard, coordinator for the Rancho Cordova Community Council.

Blanchard has been working to engage citizens in local activities. I-Fest provides citizens with a chance to showcase and experience cultures, food, music, dance and costumes.

“It was a really great experience and I’m proud of the team,” said Michelle Barbaria.  Barbaria has been producing LiveWire at Access Sacramento for four years.

Filmmaker Sommer Hoke, attended the WAVE Award Ceremony with her mother.

“I feel so honored to win this award,” said Sommer enthusiastically. “I want to thank Access Sacramento for the opportunity to make a film that meant so much to me. And then to be selected to win the Wave Award is more than I ever expected.”