On Tuesday, September 27, 2011, Access Sacramento hosted the 2012 Channel 18 Series Lottery.  The Lottery is an annual event that gives all series providers an opportunity to personally select their timeslot in the schedule for the upcoming year.  All series commitments that were contracted as of September 1, 2011, were eligible for entry into the Lottery.  This event takes place at the end of September, to give ample time to notify viewers in the event of a schedule change.

Of the 60 contracted series commitments for Channel 18, approximately 30 producers/providers were on hand to personally choose their slot for the upcoming year!  Attendance is never mandatory, as all series commitments go into the bin for the random draw.  Notification letters will be sent to all providers over the next few weeks.  One series provider expressed enjoyment in attending the Lottery, “because you get a chance to see the faces” of the other producers, and get a real sense of community.

Tiiya and Joshua Trice assisted as official ‘contract pullers’ from the lottery bin.

The results of the Lottery go into effect beginning January 2, 2012, and will continue through January 1, 2013.  The next Channel 18 Series Lottery will be Tuesday, September 25, 2012.