By: Sone Boutviseth

Alcohol and drug abuse is a huge problem for teens today. There are many main causes of teen drinking and drug abuse. Influences caused from alcoholic and drug related parents, peer pressure and escapism are all sources for underage drinking and drug abuse. For example, I’ve heard a fellow student talking about how his parents influence him into taking drugs instead of stopping him when it’s taken. So what does this show us? It shows us that experimentation with alcohol and illegal drug abuse may be common among teens.

Teens use alcohol and other drugs for many reasons. They may do it because they want to fit in with friends or certain groups, take a drug or drink alcohol because they like the way it makes them feel or use it as part of a healing process for their problems teenagers go through these days. How can we find a solution to stop the teen cycle of alcohol and illegal drug abuse? Spend time with your teen; when drug abuse is already a problem, find answers that confronts the true source of difficulties. With a clear mind and body, the act of caring for one another is the first step t understanding why drugs and alcohol abuse is common among us today.