News10 is giving writers, bloggers, local organizations and PR professionals a page for their neighborhood news. It’s called “My Neighborhood” and can be found on the News10 website. The “My Neighborhood” portion of the website features news reports, community bulletins, photos, videos, event announcements and restaurant openings.

“My Neighborhood is all about supporting our local communities by posting articles that are written by local area contributors, as well as articles that would be beneficial and informative to a community,” says News10 Web Producer, Amy Jacobson Kurokawa.

The “My Neighborhood” concept is intended to create an outlet for all the stories that do not make the daily news. One can search for neighborhood news in his or her community by selecting the community from a list of 32. Neighborhood news from that community will appear with several different categories to choose from.

You can also find articles from Access Sacramento’s own neighborhood news website, on this page.

Signing up for “My Neighborhood” is simple. According to News10, if you do business in any of the communities listed, you can email News10 at and they’ll get you signed up.