Publisher Daphne Lang and writer/reporter Nan Mahon had prepared their questions well. They wanted to “tell the Access Sacramento” story in pictures and words. Two hours later, the two journalists completed a thorough interview with Executive Director, Ron Cooper. The “tell all” article is to be published as the main story in the September issue of newly re-named “Senior Mag Live”.

“Your are a hidden gem and I want our readers to know all about the organization and how to get involved at Access Sacramento”, Lang stated with enthusiasm.

The questions were exact and follow-up discussions far-ranging. Cooper looks forward to reading the September issue and seeing the on-line videos and still images taken as part of the story.

“Senior Mag Live came well prepared”, he stated. “Two photographers, our good friend and columnist Bob Crimmins, Bill Krawczyk – Creative Director plus Daphne and Nan were very thorough. I can’t recall a local media organization taking as much interest in our activities. We thank them and look forward to welcoming many Senior readers to Access Sacramento once the issue is published.”

Questions covered many topics. Tell us about this wonderful older building and what it was and is now? Are you (Cooper) a native or when did you arrive in Sacramento and how did you end up with this job? How did it start and what attracted you to it? How did you end up involved in so much electronic gadgetry and where did it come from? Tell us what you do on a day to day basis? What is the purpose of Access Sacramento? Are you looking for volunteers and what type are you looking for? How do you see this organization in the future?      Yes, a thorough job of reporting. Watch for the September issue both free at area news stands and on line at: