SACRAMENTO, CA – “Media Edge” is a video magazine series produced in Sacramento County and presented on many cable access channels in the United States. Most of our recent episodes can also be seen online. “Media Edge” has offered two hours of in-depth, thought-provoking, progressive viewpoints every week since April 2005. “Media Edge” features segments created by local producers, along with nationally distributed videos and documentaries.

On August 14 at 8 PM on channel 17, episode #327 of “Media Edge” will feature:

“An Evening of Music and Comedy: Dave Lippman” (69 minutes)
Last year, satirical songwriter and comedian Dave Lippman brought his “viciously funny” show to the California Stage in Sacramento. A Media Edge crew was there to record this hilarious performance of “Wild Bill Bailout, the Bard of the Bankers.” Audiences have enjoyed the post-corporate comic stylings of Lippman, an anti-war troubadour who afflicts the complacent, takes the air out of the windbags of the week, de-distorts history, and updates worn-out songs with parody and thrust. Plus two other programs —

“Sleepless in Gaza…and Jerusalem” (26 minutes) — Meet Arab Knesset members to find out what they have to say about the rights of non-Jewish citizens in the state of Israel.

“The Story of Stuff” (21 minutes) — an animated documentary about the lifecycle of material goods — is one of the most widely viewed environmental-themed short films of all time.