by Marilynn Wong, Kim Su, and Mimi Wong

In America there are lots of people who need help doing things such as cleaning up parks, donating food to homeless people, helping kids, and much more. Without the help of volunteers things would be hard and it would take forever to finish a task. Many people across America spend time do volunteering, especially teens, they look for volunteering opportunities in their community so they can finish the number of hours required for school. Others look for volunteering opportunities just to kill time. What does it actually benefit? A student at John.F. Kennedy high school, Mimi Wong, is now going to be a junior in the fall. She said, “Volunteering helps the community and yourself.” Another student that will also be a junior at C.K.M. McClatchy, Kim Su, replied “Volunteering benefits everyone.”

Why should we volunteer? Volunteering helps kids learn and grow. “You learn new leadership skills and it is worth the time. Also helping out in an event is fun because you get to meet new people and work with them.” said Mimi. Volunteering is like a job because you work with different people. Without the chance to volunteer you would never know what it would be like when you find a job. Without getting paid, volunteers gain a meaningful experience.

The community is stronger by the help of volunteers. By the help of many hands, there is a difference that is always made. “Volunteering benefits the community in many ways. For example, if there was an event, it won’t happen if there weren’t any helpers.” said Mimi. “A cleaner environment and fresh air is accomplished.” said Kim. Volunteers become more aware of the issues and needs in their community. Also, people become more connected and have a positive impact on their community.

One-timed volunteering opportunities are rare and sometimes hard to find. As Kim said, “I volunteered all around Sacramento and Elk Grove. I look online and whatever I find and I sign up for that event.” Hands on Sacramento and Volunteer Match website have a lot of volunteer opportunities for people who have free time. “The volunteer websites definitely made my life easier by letting me know where they are instead of me going to places signing up.” said Mimi.

Therefore, volunteering helps challenge you to do work you never done. It is similar to work and you are assigned to a task you have to get done. Volunteering helps you improve on your social skills to overcome shyness. Also, it helps you uncover your hidden skills. Helping others make a difference in the community and also make the world a better place.