By Xitlali Sedano

School. Work. Online. Home. These are some of the many places where bullying takes place. This problem is not something you can get rid of after you stop going to school, because this issue will follow you for the rest of your life.

In the Summer of Service program (SOS) each student gets in a group and picks an issue big or small in the community. Then as a group, we come up with a project to help the community understand the issue and to show them how they can make a difference.

Bullying is the issue my group and I chose because this issue affects everybody no matter if they are a kindergartener or a movie star. Our group decided to inform kids in the second grade because we want to help stop the issue where the root of bullying begins, in elementary school. We plan to do so by creating a book on bullying and with this book we want to read it aloud to them while acting along. The book is mainly about a Bunny who bullies a new kid, Bear on his first day of school. In the book we want to show all the different scenarios. In the story we have one character that follows the bully, we have another one who stands up to the bully and one who is a bystander to show the different ways people react when seeing someone being bullied.

With this, we hope to educate and inform kids at a young age on the effects of bullying. With the knowledge they learn from our story, hopefully they will carry this on and pass the information onto siblings and other members of the school.

In the SOS program, I have learned and experienced a lot of new things. One of the major things I learned was how to build up my group working skills. When you are in a group, not everyone agrees with each other, so it is important to communicate with each other and find a medium where everyone agrees. When we were assigned a business presentation, I built up my public speaking skills. I did so because in order to make a company sponsor or donate to you, you can’t speak like a mouse, but have a strong voice in order to show them that I am here and I want to make a difference.