By: Ashley Dong

The S.O.S. (Summer of Service) program takes place at West Campus High School and several other school sites within the Sacramento City Unified School District. The purpose of this program is to encourage students to take action for their community by creating projects that will have a positive effect on their community. Students participated for six weeks to work on their community projects. There are multiple groups that are taking action on various issues; my group is named, “Motivation is Education” and we address the issue of education for students.

Our community project is to create a motivational video that will show students of the Sacramento community the importance of staying motivated during school. The video will contain statistics, a comparison between different students, and how a student can make accomplishments/reach their potential. With the unfortunate budget cuts, teachers have been losing their jobs. Schools in our community are losing great teachers, that is why Sacramento students must “step it up” so they do not fall behind. Teachers are required to cover a certain amount of material yearly in order for students to perform well in standardized testing. So, if more students are inspired to do well in school, they will be on track and later may strive to accomplish more in their educational career. We hope that students will understand the significance of doing well in school to become successful.

My experience with S.O.S. was a great opportunity for me to become prepared for high school. The teachers at S.O.S. emphasized the importance of communication with other students in order for us to work productively. The teachers have given great advice for us to talk to companies/corporations professionally to persuade them to work as partners in our community projects. With this advice, I have talked to company’s confidently over the phone to arrange dates to have presentations. The preparations the teachers have given us has helped shape our community projects. S.O.S. is an outstanding summer program for incoming high school students to develop in socializing, participate in fun activities, and to be apart of their community.