By Sone Boutviseth

The dream begins with a teacher who believes in you, who tugs and pushes and leads you to the next level. Today, in my experience as a fellow student I did not see that. Teachers tend to be slacking off, not educating the students as well as they are needed. Instead, students become more involved in teaching themselves.  I hear complaints from students saying they feel as if they’re not being educated, they tend to be more confused than understanding to the subject.

In my opinion, teachers don’t try their best in educating, offering credit, or helping when students are in needed. I worry for my fellow class mates future and also mine, we looks up to these people to help us, educate, and how much they reflect our upcoming future. The way I see teachers today, they don’t care much enough for our education as well as we do, or how much we are  in need of their help. Teachers are getting paid to educate, but is it well enough? From what I see teachers educate but they don’t care for it some of them don’t even know the subject well enough to teach the students or don’t educate at all! So where does this lead? Not to well enough educated students.