The Coloma Studio TV Studio hosted the first meeting of the NNB & YM Task Force last Friday. Invited participants included key Access Sacramento Board members and leaders from the community. Executive Director Ron Cooper outlined the NNB Project and Kindra Block-Montgomery outlined the successful Second Annual Youth Media Forum held in May. Together they also outlined the challenges that lie ahead for the project in the coming year and asked the Task Force for ideas.

Anticipated challenges include: (1) generating more relevant content from the five NNB sites despite the downturn in the economy and massive layoffs in the government and the local nonprofit sectors; (2) Plans for expanding the NNB concept by adding new NNB organizations in the coming year; and (3) Continue to improve the Word Press platform, permitting easier uploading of content and automated addition of new NNB organizations.

The Task Force plans to meet several more times during the summer months and will provide guidance to the Board and to the NNB organizations. We thank them for their leadership and creative planning ideas.