By Cecilia Ochoa

Ever since I was in middle school I would notice my friends older sisters or cousins getting pregnant when they were just 15 or 16 years old. When I would find out my friends and I would be shocked because we never expected it from them and I would think “What in the world is wrong with them?”

I think people should know that being a teen mom is difficult due to the fact that your body isn’t well developed and ready to carry it in your womb. What teens don’t know is that when your body isn’t ready the child can  be born with lots of health problem and in most cases sadly may be born dead. Often we hear a lot on how teens may react like this because in some way teens blame their parents. When it comes to the ladies having to tell their parents  most just decide to abort with out thinking about the child and knowing it has no fault at all.

Teen birth rates since 1990-2007 have gone up and down a lot among teenage women. In 2006 & 2007  for two years straight the teen birth rate was as high as 15-20% higher then previous year for all from teens ages 15-19. In 2006 the birth rate was 53.3% and in 2007 it was 49.4%.  All these rates include birth, abortion, miscarriages, and still being pregnant. Teen birth rates through ethnicity in 2000 are various through ages 15-19; Black women 32% (153 teens), White women 28% (71 teens), Hispanic women 15% (139 teens) ; these scores have been increasing among the years.

Lastly,  the views of teen pregnancies coming from teens are as simple as it can get. One teen I spoke with says “if you base it with reality TV and reality itself white girls are the most to get pregnant (according to teen mom!).” Another male met students says “In reality it’s all about Southern white girls getting the most pregnant.” A teacher at my school says ”Sometimes these pregnancies are about not having resources in the community and here at school. If we gave out condoms it can possibly be a step to prevention in our community(somewhat like in parts of Europe.)”

As you can see teen pregnancies have grown a tremendous amount of birth rates since 1990-2007. These rates were based on being pregnant, abortions, miscarriages, and adoptions. Therefore, I think there needs to be more resources for these teens, especially high school students and not just the small clinic’s like Planned Parenthood. The views on teens pregnancies will always be different and will be changing throughout the time. That’s why I chose to do a pregnancy prevention course and have teens know the risks for them and babies, and the challenges that will come throughout time.