By Pazou Lor

This is about my girl friend. She made some choices she regretted. Doing drugs and drinking alcohol are not good choices. Having friends that pressure you to make bad choices are not good either, but that was all she had.
She had a hard time growing up. She learned everything the hard way. She got into a lot of troubles just to hang out with her “friends”. She would do anything except ditch school and fail her classes. She done bad in everything except school. She disobeyed her parents and did not listen to anyone around her. She made bad choices, but she learned that, that was part of growing up, not to mean that every teenager does that. After she thought about everything and got tired of doing bad things. She then learned to stop hanging out with those people.
Now she focuses on school and other more important stuff and thinks back to how stupid she was back then. Well, teenagers, know how to say “no” to stuff you do not want to do and you control your own life, no one can stop you from what you want or do not want to do, except YOURSELF!