The Outlaw
Sunday, July 10, 2011
7:30 PM
Admission: $5.00
Movies On the Big Screen at the Guild
2828 35th St. Sacramento, CA.

The Picture That Couldn’t Be Stopped! … I could go on about how it was Howard Hughes’ deliberate challenge to the censors and it’s long and delayed road to box office success, problems between Howard Hughes and Howard Hawks and on and on, but it’s really this simple: this is all about Jane Russell and the resulting controversy (however calculated it may have been). If you’ve seen it before, come see it, um, big (ahem)! If you haven’t seen it, don’t miss this chance to catch the movie that was once billed as having “Two good reasons” for seeing it… Next Sunday – July 10!

We hope you have a great weekend!!! We’ll see ya soon!