U.S. District 3 Representative Dan Lungren (R), visited Access Sacramento Friday June 10 as part of the Sacramento Bee “Tom Sawyer Project”. During the summer months, the Sacramento Bee is inviting local dignitaries and elected leaders to each read one chapter from the great American novel, Tom Sawyer.

The recordings will publicize the importance of reading for children and families and introduce the wonders of boyhood on the Mississippi from one of our country’s foremost authors and local legend, Mark Twain.

Once the project is completed, Access Sacramento and the Bee will post the recorded content online to share with others. As the project develops we will keep you informed of the progress and the special guests using the “green studio” for the video and audio recordings. Thanks go to Liz Harrison and Dev Singh for engineering the project and Pam Dinsmore and Tom Negrete for their leadership at the Bee.