by Amy Luong

Recently the world has seen many tragedies costing lives. On March 11, 2011, the country of Japan faced many horrific tragedies; an earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis. These crises caused Japan to deal with so many issues, eventually putting Japan in economical and medical stress. Japan may have been affected the most, but the crises have also impacted the whole world.

Economically, business owners are in devastation due to the catastrophe that had happen in the past week. Schools, hospitals, homes and businesses have been wiped out by the tsunami. They will have to start from scratch and rebuild everything from nothing again. In doing so, business owners will lose millions building up their companies and enterprises. This does not go out to just business owners but the people of Japan because it will cost more money to clean up.

Medically, Japan has to provide healthcare to all those who survive the crisis than ever in the history of Japan. Doctors will need money to buy medication and equipment to serve the people which will further add to the economic debt. Another problem is there isn’t enough doctors and nurses to go around to help those in need. The radiation destruction from the earthquake has caused many kinds of health issues causing severe fatigue to headache, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea and fever and possibly leading to death.
With all the crises that happen to Japan, the rest of the world is trying to do all they can to help Japan. In doing so, the world is donating money and sending doctors and nurses to help them.  Major companies, like Apple Inc., Red Cross, and Raley’s are setting up funds and drives to help Japan. Even celebrities are pitching in to help. Lady Gaga has set up a wristband fundraiser to help the relief of Japan. The crises of Japan influenced the whole world to see that these Natural disasters are becoming more and more frequent and destructive and we should take precaution.