Foxyea Web Media working with Video Streaming Services Company along with Access Sacramento are currently in the process of developing AccessLocal.TV 1.0. Currently in Beta form, AccessLocal.TV offers the following features to its Neighborhood News Bureaus:

AccessLocal.TV provides the following services to Neighborhood News Bureaus:

·    RSS Aggregation offered to major Sacramento Media Outlets including the Sacramento Bee and KXTV News10.

· AccessLocal.TV content is search engine optimized to provide organic search engine ranking improvement.

·  Online publishing platform for the posting of stories organized by Neighborhood News Bureau, and featured on the home page of AccessLocal.TV.

·   On Demand publishing platform for select Access Sacramento content including “Place Called Sacramento” Film Festival and community event information.

·   Neighborhood News Security Profiles that allow the individual Neighborhood News bureaus to control their own content, and mentor their Neighborhood News Reporters.

·  Video Posting, Sharing, and RSS syndication through the Access Media Neighborhood News Server.

·    Social Network sharing integration and Analytics gathering.

· Online access to AccessLocal.TV training materials at

·   Web Managed content and member control.

·  Comment moderation and filtering on individual story and video posts.

·   Layout sidebar widget control for running ads and underwriting information.

·  Access Sacramento can currently upload and download member videos for featuring on Local Access Cable channels. For further information about Access Sacramento playback integration, please see the next section.

·  Category and Tag based content permitting creation of new Neighborhood News bureaus and story threads. AccessLocal.TV was originally planned to reach 3 Neighborhood News Bureaus. Currently, AccessLocal.TV has grown to 7 Neighborhood News bureaus with more being planned through the addition of Access Sacramento Journalism staff.

·       Onsite Trainings hosted by the Neighborhood News bureaus continue, presented by Access Sacramento, Video Streaming Services Company, and Foxyea Web Media. Recent additions in journalistic staff by Access Sacramento are creating infrastructure and support for Neighborhood News Content Creation.