2011 Film Festival WINNERS! Congratulations To All!!

”Stalag Sacramento”
by Patrick Ardell
E-mail: eldreko@sbcglobal.net
Four young musicians ride the rails in their new hometown searching for “life-after-dark: in Midtown.
Dou you know the way to “Elvisland”?

”Borrowed Time”
by Danna Wilberg
E-mail: dannasjourney@sbcglobal.net
Children’s lives are at risk. Dr. Paulsen is frustrated by Suzanne’s Spiritual beliefs. A “life and death” story is in need of an intervention
from “the other side”.

”the Watering Hole”
by Gerald Martin Davenport & Rob Tillitz
E-mail: pcs@ariapictures.com
David finds himself in a strange bar where time stands still and demons drown their sorrows

by Burt Wilson
E-mail: bwilson5404@sbcglobal.net
Joe Fish is a private “sock-eye”. If this sounds “fishy”, you may be following a “red herring” – Ready for a “whale of a tail”?  Welcome to River City.

“The Purse”
by Erica Ruiz & Dwight Taylor
E-mail: sa1ntd2008@gmail.com
You can’t judge a book by its cover or a purse by its contents. Matthew and Leah search for clues in all the wrong places. Think you know the whole story? Guess again.

by Judith Plank
E-mail: jpcats@cal.net
Brad returns from Iraq only to lose his girlfriend. Depressed, nothing seems to help until a gift re-opens his heart and his new life with “Buddy”.

by Nathan Reedy
E-mail: Nathan@dynamicinnovationsinc.com
We search for heroes in our life. Will, a Sacramento police officer, takes his job seriourly. Bur for this cop, everything is about to change – in a flash.

”The Chozen”
by Claire Elizabeth
E-mail: 2.Clair.Elizabeth@gmail.com
New to Sacramento, Mathilde is worried about going to a new school and making friends, but is quickly accepted by the ”coolest” girls in school. At a sleep over Mathilde discovers that being one of ”The Chozen” is not what she expected.

”The Breakup”
by Joyce Bezazian
E-mail: itabiz@sbcglobal.net
Being a King’s fan is an obsession for Bobby. When his “love” threatens to leave town, choices must be made and priorities re-examined. 

”Lucky Shot”
by Raghni Reddy
E-mail: reddy0515@yahoo.com
Rose takes Rick by surprise. But Rick is accustomed to bad luck. With so little in common, they are obviously off to a great start.