Watch your mailboxes this week. All paid members in good standing of the organization will be receiving an invitation to attend the June 16 Annual Meeting and a Ballot. Please take the time to read the ballot thoroughly and vote on the proposed By-Laws changes and for candidates to serve two-years on our Board of Directors. They represent your best interests so please participate in this important annual process. Completed ballots must be returned to the Access office no later than June 10 to be counted. Here are some further details.

The Annual Board Election Process
We have a fifteen member volunteer Board. 12 are elected by the membership in staggered two-year terms. These twelve then appoint three other seats (June or July) for one-year terms – for a total of 15 members. We currently have six Board members up for election for a two-year term.
By-Laws Changes
In addition, the By-Laws Committee has reviewed the current By-Laws and submitted recommended changes to the Board at the April 21, 2011 Board meeting. These By-Laws changes were unanimously approved by the Board of Directors but also require Membership approval. The Board requests your support by voting YES on the mailed ballot.

Candidates for 2011-2013 Two-Year Terms as Board Members in Three Membership Catagories

Subscriber                       Individual                  Organizational

Margaret Metzler            Edgar Calderon                 Alex Vasquez

Gary Martin                       JoAnn Fuller                     Clayton Moore