Since its Launch in April of 2010, AccessLocal.TV has generated over 150 stories, all written by a small group of Neighborhood News Reporters, chosen for their ability to become trainers. This works out to a weekly average of 2.9 stories. Currently, Access Sacramento is the most active Neighborhood News Bureau with 66 stories. What we see is that News Bureaus where we have conducted in person traininings, produce far more stories. While all reporters are invited to every training session, what we have seen from an attendance standpoint is that most trainees come from the location where the training is being heald. Here is the break down by Neighborhood News Bureau along with the number of trainings done. Please note that Access Sacramento Reporters have received the most training, and have been present at all of the trainings:

-Neighborhood NewsOverall: 156 stories

-Neighborhood News Regional 7 stories All Training Sessions.

-Access Sacramento Neighborhood News 66 stories All Training Sessions

-Sam Pannell Community Center 12 stories 1 Training Session

-Valley Hi-North Laguna Library 14 stories 3 Training Sessions

-Youth Media Forum for Social Change 12 stories 1 Training Session

-Asian Resources Inc 8 stories 1 Training Session

-Florin Creek Rec. Center 3 stories

-La Familia 3 stories

Our experience shows us that doing hands on training with the reporters is the best way to encourage content production. While it is challenging to organize volunteer reporters to attend training sessions, it is this hands on supervision that helps to facilitate giving a voice to South Sacramento’s Neighborhood News Reporters. As we begin to make AccessLocal.TV available to more reporters, we will want to keep in mind that productivity is greatly stimulated by these in person interacations.