Just over 200 people filled the courtyard of the Coloma Community Center on Wednesday, May 18th for the 12th annual Place Called Sacramento Film Festival Cast & Crew Call. Local actors, tech people, and community members wanting to get involved showed up. Volunteers and staff of Access Sacramento helped assist the guests as they arrived. The event opened with a welcome message from Access Sacramento Executive Director, Ron Cooper and was then followed by some local filmmakers. Sacramento Film Commissioner, Lucy Steffens talked to the crowd about the filmmaking process and locations. Jackie from Studio24 spoke about what their studio offers including their movie studio and other services.  Former PCS winner and current owner of IT Studios, Ryan McKinney, came to let this year’s winning Producers know about his studio and offer help with casting.


After the guest speakers were finished each of the ten filmmakers had a chance to tell the community what their films are about and what their needs are. Filmmakers varied in ages from 9 years old, our youngest yet, to older folks with lots of experience. Film subjects varied as widely as the ages with topics ranging from the paranormal to the ‘fishy’. Information for all the films and filmmakers are available on the Access Sacramento website at .

After listening to them each Producer speak about their needs the eager crowd had an opportunity to meet each of the filmmakers. Ten tables were lined up in a row each with the Producers and their assistants ready and waiting to receive resumes and headshots or just get e-mail contacts and meet people in person. The excitement filled the air as the filmmakers realized all these people are here to be a part this thrilling summer community project.

Don’t think you’ve missed out if your couldn’t make it. Lots of acting parts, crew positions, and craft services are still needed for many of these films.

It’s just the beginning, so log on to the Access Sacramento website and check out the film info. Come out and make a movie this summer.
See you on the set!
Check out the 10 winning scripts below:

2011 “Place Called Sacramento”
Ten Selected Film Projects
“Stalag Sacramento” by Patrick Ardell
Four young musicians ride the rails in their new hometown searching for “life-after-dark” in Midtown. Do you know the way to “Elvisland”?
“Borrowed Time” by Danna
Children’s lives are at risk. Dr. Paulsen is frustrated by Suzanne’s spiritual beliefs. A “life and death” story is in need of an intervention from “the other side”.
“the Watering Hole” by Gerald Martin Davenport & Rob Tillitz
David finds himself in a strange bar where time stands still and demons drown their sorrows.
“CSI: Sacramento” by Burt Wilson
Joe Fish is a private “sock-eye”. If this sounds “fishy”, you may be following a “red herring” – Ready for a “whale of a tail”? Welcome to River City.
“The Purse” by Erica Ruiz & Dwight Taylor
You can’t judge a book by its cover or a purse by its contents. Matthew and Leah search for clues in all the wrong places. Think you know the whole story? Guess again.
“Buddies” by Judith Plank
Brad returns from Iraq only to lose his girlfriend. Depressed, nothing seems to help until a gift re-opens his heart and his new life with “Buddy”.
“Reluctant” by Nathan Reedy
We search for heroes in our life. Will, a Sacramento police officer, takes his job seriously. But for this cop, everything is about to change – in a flash.
“The Chozen” by Claire Elizabeth
New to Sacramento, Mathilde is worried about going to a new school and making friends, but is quickly accepted by the “coolest” girls in school.  At a sleep over Mathilde discovers that being one of “The Chozen” is not what she expected.
“The Breakup” by Joyce Bezazian
Being a King’s fan is an obsession for Bobby. When his “love” threatens to leave town, choices must be made and priorities re-examined.
“Lucky Shot” by Raghni Reddy
Rose takes Rick by surprise. But Rick is accustomed to bad luck. With so little in common, they are obviously off to a great start.