Games are great for one-to-one relationships and group activity. Bingo is a favorite among the seniors who participate in the daily senior activities here at the Pannell Meadowview Community Center.

Seniors focused at Bingo

It’s a beautiful game of luck, which involves patience, rapid coordination between hearing and searching out numbers and just a lot of fun.

Bingo for seniors is not a game that really needs to end in winning. It’s a great way to relieve boredom, challenge the mind and stay physically active. Winning the gently used prizes from donations has become a side benefit.

Donated prizes for senior bingo

 Most of the seniors who take part in Bingo also participate in the senior lunch program, as well as the low impact aerobics class, “Fit over Fifty.”  

Winners of the coverall game: A blender!

At the S. Pannell Meadowview Community Center, everyone leaves with a smile.


 For information on Senior Activities at the S. Pannell Meadowview Community Center, please call 808-6680.