Studio crews can now use the new Grass Valley “Indigo” switcher in the TV studio control room. This switcher matches the one installed on the remote production truck three months ago. For basic operations, the lower panel of buttons works almost identically to the “ancient” JVC switcher we have been using for 25 years. However, more advanced users will find many new features including the ability to use a computer laptop as an additional source and “switch” pictures, Power Point programs, and other digital content directly into your program.

The Indigo features a touch screen menu system, a joystick, a slider transition bar, audio faders, and mix/effects buttons for broadcast-style operations. If you work as the technical director for a studio shoot, contact Dev Singh at extension #120, to set up an orientation session.

Coming Attractions!! Within weeks we will have a new Compix character generator to replace the well used and temperamental AVS system. These equipment replacements are thanks to a special equipment-only grant from the Sacramento Metropolitan Cable Television Commission. We thank them for their continuing support.