by Ron Cooper 

At the March 17 monthly meeting of the Board of Directors, the Board decided to continue the annual celebration of open and transparent government known nationally as “Sunshine Week”

During the 25th Anniversary Open House and Anniversary festivities Saturday March 12, Walt Yost and other Access Sacramento Board members passed out information and explained the value of “Sunshine Week” to attendees. For most, this was their first exposure to the national effort celebrating the importance of open government in a democracy.

Yost, a retired newspaper reporter, summarized the event. “We had a great opportunity to get the names of more than 80 people and cards from the many media organizations present.  Next year, we hope to honor a “Sunshine Week Hero” with nominations coming from all over our community.”

The success of the event prompted the Board to begin planning next year’s “open house” and celebration of “open government” to coincide with “Sunshine Week 2012”.