by Xue Lor

During the day General Vang Pao died, I asked my friends “What did you think about General Vang Pao’s death?”. They responded, “I don’t really care,” “Why should I care? He’s not part of my life,” and “Okay.” I am ashamed to hear that they don’t have any compassion at all for the man that led the Hmong people to help fight with the Americans. From what I see, he is a good leader that has changed your lives forever. During the Vietnam War, the CIA recruited Hmong people from remote village area of Southeast Asia to fight against communist Vietnam. Hmong people wouldn’t be where they where if it is not because of him. How do I know? If you look at his title closer, you will know. He has been through training, working his way up the rankings. Finally, he gain the title “General.” Because he was a general, he found opportunities from the United States to move into their country so our culture would be preserved. He started the non profit Lao Family Community so they could help where your refugee families with translation and problems. Whenever you get the chance, you should really think about General Vang Pao and what he did for us not just you.