By Amy Luong

For a few years, the social networking scene was all about was Xanga. It was one of the hottest sites for teens out there. People spent hours on their blogs and personalizing their sites. They added music, pictures, and had friends following what they blogged about. While some still had Xanga, some people were converting to Myspace. It was basically for catching up or reuniting with old friends, but at the same time, you were able to fix your profile, meet new people, and add music. Even though Myspace is just a social network, high school students started drama over Myspace. Gossip and trash talk took place online through this free space. While Myspace was a typical high school social network, Facebook was for college students; but even so, social networks always become the new hype for high school student.

While Myspace was for high school student, Facebook was made for college students. Creator Mark Zuckerberg originally created Facebook to share notes with fellow classmate. Then he opened Facebook to other ivy leagues college students to network with peers, and then it opened up for other colleges. They later then allowed high school students to become members because it was the most used social network. Facebook was all about reuniting with old friends, keeping in touch with family or friends, or updating your friends on what you’re doing. It also kept you entertained with games you can play with fellow friends or acquaintances. Now that Facebook is getting more popular, it gets boring and has gotten overrated. People are looking for new social networks.

People are now going to Tumblr, a blogging social network. It has been here for awhile, but people are just getting into it. Tumblr is like a combination of Facebook and Myspace. It lets you design your own background; add music, and blog/vent about your day or any random thing. So now that Facebook is getting old, is the new hype Tumblr?

Personally as a Tumblr user, I think its getting highly overrated. Now that it has became too popular It is turning into Xanga all over again, but it has became more ridiculous. It has meet-ups, where all Tumblr users from a certain area meet up and enjoy themselves. For example, over the summer when the California State Fair was in town, most of northern California Tumblr users had a “Meet up”. There they met some a lot of the people they met online for the first time in person. Also, you can get “Tumblr Famous” with how many followers and reblogs you have. Also, I think it’s uncalled for to have users post half naked or fully naked pictures of them. Tumblr is just another popularity contest to most users. For others, like me, I think it’s just a site to blog and vent. Now that it has gotten over-populated, people have to be careful and cautious about what they write on their sites over wise it will be overrun by the drama and gossip that destroyed Myspace.