By Kemmaris Cheatum

Think House Collective located at 1726 11Th street recently held an awareness event for the  nonprofit organization ,”To Write Love On Her Arm” (TWLOHA). They are dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide. The event began at 5pm on February 12th with an art show and around 6:30, they started a Love poem session upstairs. The entire complex was decorated with hearts and other love art. The displayed art was for sell and the profits would go to TWLOHA. The art pieces were very artistic and some of my favorites were “The Untiled Blue”, “Be My Valentine I’m Not Lion’, and a beautiful piece called “Eve”. Even more entertaining than the art walk was the “Valentine Love Poem” session which contained many beautiful and unique poems from local writers. One poem by an older woman kept me smiling and it was titled “To Shop For Love”. Some poems were very detailed and some were simple.
The event overall was very interesting, a little more mature compared to other events I have been to. I was able to leave the event with a portrait called “Love Can” for $5, in support for TWLOHA. I believe this event is important for our communities because TWLOHA provide hope for people that struggle emotionally. I know depression and suicide effects a lot of people in our communities. TWLOHA encourages victims to talk honestly about their issues. I personally feel that TWLOHA is a great and inspiring organization and will create great change in society.