By   Charles E. Hughes  —  The Pannell Center will be working with the staff of Access Sacramento, and other community entities, to establish a Neighborhood News Service that will be built and managed by high school and college aged youth from the Pannell Center community.

The Pannell Center is now in the process of recruiting young people who have an interest in learning about using the many tools of the internet, and training to publish news about their community. Skills learned will include building websites, producing blogs and receiving exposure to state of the arts internet knowledge. News reporting skills will equally be shared from the Pannell staff. Youth involved in this program will be trained to become “community reporters”, using the tools of news reporting and  digital components such as video, audio, and text.

This trained team of young people will give the Pannell Center’s community the “voice” that hopefully will support the following goals:

  • Affect the quality of our lives and the very nature of our community
  • Students learn to use the new technologies of the internet to empower their community to be in sync with the current  Informational  power and influence tools
  • Build a local social network where business, educational, shopping, medical and other information can be compiled  and shared

These are just a starting list of goals to achieve.

If you want to be involved contact the Pannell Center.

If you are a high school student, or college student, or an adult community activist; please let the Center know that you want to join the team to build an internet based Pannell Neighborhood News Bureau.