by Ron Cooper

This photo along with several others, by Colleen Belcher, can be found at

Continuing in our series of collaborative media partnerships, the Hometown-TV crew documented the six person panel of local media managers entitled “Paying for Content? Searching for New Media Revenue in the Digital Age”. Please read the very thorough accounting (see below) written by Sacramento Press intern Agnus-Dei Farrant with photos by Colleen Belcher. Pam Dinsmore of the Sacramento Bee and Belcher coordinated the event as part of the regular media training and education series sponsored and organized by the Sacramento Press and hosted by the Bee.

Our perception of the world is constantly filtered and impacted by various media. The “Paying for Content” discussions and the May 22 “Youth Media for Social Justice” conference – held in partnership with U.C. Davis and KCRA Channel 3 – continue our series of programs exploring the role and the responsibilities of local media in our community.

Watch the program in its entirety on Channel 17 at the following dates and times: Sunday July 4th at 10:00 PM (and repeated Monday at 2:00 PM) and Sunday July 11th at 5:00 PM (and repeated Monday at 9:00 AM).