by Ron Cooper

At the June 3 meeting of the Sacramento Metropolitan Cable Television Commission, Access Sacramento’s annual grant request was unanimously approved. During these financially difficult times for all nonprofit, government and educational agencies, this was not an easy decision. The Commission discussed several possible options including pulling all funds and giving the money to the cash strapped Cities and County. In the end, however, the Commission decided that the value provided to the larger community from the wonderful government, education and public access programmers in Sacramento County, outweighed the redistribution of these funds. You, our producer members, helped us win the day and continue to “make a difference, one voice at a time”.

In addition to status quo funding for our Operations budget, additional funds were awarded over the next two years to replace worn and broken gear. To hear the details about what will be changing at Access Sacramento over the next two years, read the “Viewfinder” newsletter and come to the Annual Meeting June 17th. See you here!