Dedicated to studying new media trends in the United States, staff members at the Pew Project for Excellence in Journalism, have written an article titled, “Community Journalism,” where they analyze the roles of community journalism and its relationship to traditional journalism.  They also seek to uncover the ways in which community journalism can fill gaps left by traditional journalism.

Partnerships between these new citizen journalism sites and old media outlets are forming.  By taking a look at how several new citizen journalism sites, such as, and are received, we can see how and why these partnerships are forming.

Furthermore, the Pew staff poses the question, “…what prospect do they [citizen journalism sites] offer to compliment or supplement what is being lost in traditional reportorial journalism?”  This question is important to the idea of a Neighborhood News Bureau site in Sacramento because it seeks to answer how this site would fill the holes left uncovered by mainstream journalism.

Here are some of the other questions posed by this study: 

– What are the motivations of those who are responsible for citizen journalism sites? 
– Why did they create these sites?
– What do they hope to achieve?
– How do they measure success?”

Interviews with 91 citizen journalism site owners were performed to help answer these questions.  Graphs and charts displaying the results of these studies can be found by reading the full article at