2010 “Place Called Sacramento” Films Announced – 225 Cast & Crew Candidates Sign-on as Production Teams are Formed

The eleventh annual C&CC event announce the ten selected scripts and their screen writer – producers to an enthusiastic crowd of more than 225 actors, technicians, and filmmaking advocates. The May 19 event was threatened with unseasonably cool and “misty” weather but did not dampen the positive spirits of the many participants.

Each of the ten writers spent five minutes with the crowd, explaining the theme of their movies, why they believe their film will be “the Greatest” and then asking for specific help. For some it was a request for lead actors, others novel shooting locations, props, old vehicles, and still others requested help with “craft services” (feeding the crew).

The event was attended by Rick Kushman, Sacramento Bee reporter specializing in local activities and community events. He talked to many of the participants and expressed pleasant surprise at the enthusiasm of the crowd. Watch for his Bee article in the Sunday edition May 30.

Here they are – the ten selected scripts with e-mail addresses if you want to offer your help. Thanks again to all involved and we will see you at the Crest on October 3, 2010 for the World Premiere of the following movies.

2010 “Place Called Sacramento”
Ten Selected Film Projects Now In Production

 “(T)Hanks for the Memories” 
 by Somer Hoke
Memory is elusive for Kyle, a returning Vet, emotionally wounded, and home from the war. But Jenna struggles to love him again despite Kyle’s quirky use of Tom Hanks movie lines to recall his friends and family.

“The Golden Tree”
by Gerald Martin Davenport
Named after our mountains to the East, Sierra discovers her Nor Cal family history thanks to a secret map, Sutter’s Fort, and the lost treasure beneath the golden tree.

by Judith Plank
Max searches for home after ten years “away”. To help his buddy, Ernie rekindles their lost friendship. But life is unpredictable as Ernie painfully discovers with Max’s help – not black and white but Butterscotch.

by Matt Leddy
Old Harlan and his metal detector look for treasure along the river. What else is there to do in retirement? But the discovery of a buried locket, triggers an urgent memory, and unlocks his heart.

“Three Words for Dacia”
by Sean Stueve
Roman Rhodes scours the streets of Sacramento desperately searching for his lost love, Darcia. If he doesn’t find her soon, all will be lost forever.

“Treasure Chest of South Sacramento”
by Guy Pace
Andre hangs with his boys and seems destined for jail or worse. Lucky for him he has the memories of his Dad, the love of his Mom, and the poetry of Yeats to guide him.

“Little Thieves”
by Danna Wilberg
The twins are convinced that Aunt Ida is “weird”. Their Mom, a police officer, has mysteries of her own. When the missing pieces are found, little thieves are revealed.

“Bar TIME”
by Wayne Douglas Johnson
Jimmy has a new job in El Paso but won’t leave his son in California with his ex. To stay here, he just needs to call his new boss. No problem – if he can find the phone number, arm-wrestle a Russian champ, and do it all before 6 PM – bar time.

“Thugs Need Hugs”
story by Kevin Perovitz
From the tough streets of Oak Park, their music opened doors to a bright future. Still friends writing music after all these years, they invite a new generation to get off the street, join in and sing a new song.

“Are You My Girlfriend”
by Employment Plus Screenwriting Class
Alone and shy, Robert invents a girlfriend – Bernice. But too soon, fantasy and reality collide, confusing his friends and Karen. – ugh – I mean Bernie. Are you my girlfriend?