Country music sensation Carrie Underwood paired with Pedigree presented Happy Tails Pet Sanctuary with a donation of $10,000 on Thursday.

“I’m happy to be raising awareness,” said Underwood. “There are tons of animals waiting to be loved and waiting to love.”

Representative for Pedigree, John Anton, pressed the importance of shelter animal awareness and the Pedigree Facebook campaign; for each person who becomes a fan of Pedigree on facebook one bowl of food will be donated to shelter animals.

“We have 900,000 fans so far, that’s 900,000 bowls of food,” said Anton. “I think we can really help these animals with the Facebook page.”

Underwood has been a long time animal lover with a soft spot for shelter animals.

“I was born with a freakish love for animals and would rescue anything I could find,” said Underwood. “I snuck a 6 week old kitten into my dorm room in college and he is my parent’s cat to this day.”

She is not alone in her efforts, Underwood’s mom and dad both volunteer at their local animal shelter in their hometown of Checotah, Oklahoma.

“I worked at a vet clinic and that was my last ‘real’ job, but it was sad when people would board their animals and never pick them up,” said Underwood.  “There was a spaniel named Oreo that I always looked forward to seeing when I went to work.”

According to representatives, Happy Tails will be putting all of the money to food, medical needs and supplies for the animals

“ Shelter animals are the best animals,” said Underwood. “My motto is if I see it and it needs help, I’ll help it.”

To help a shelter animal please become a Pedigree Facebook fan and to learn more about Happy Tails or to make a donation visit their website.