“Neigborhood News Bureaus” – Florin Creek Community Recreation Center

By Amy Lawrence

“Community members benefit from the use of this facility because it is accessible, affordable and available.” According to Courtney Black, Public Information Officer for Southgate Recreation and Park District, this is why members of the Florin Creek area benefit from the Florin Creek Community Recreation Center.  Teens can safely spend time outside of school at this facility.  There are also various camps for youth, such as the Adventure Creek Summer Program and the Champions Science Adventure Camp.  In addition, families can visit the Florin Creek Center to enjoy its greenery and spaciousness.

Quinceañeras, weddings, birthdays, retirement parties, summer concerts and business meetings are some of the many events hosted by the Florin Creek Community Recreation Center.  The center was renovated in 2009 and accommodates up to 150 people, making it the perfect location for hosting such events.

“News is constantly occurring within the District and there are frequent updates that could be made via written story, video, or Twitter,” says Black.  She insists that teens could play a vital role in providing information for the community because they are a big part of what goes on in the Florin Creek area.  “The youth who take advantage of the day camps learn valuable skills and are engaged in fun and educational activities.”

Black suggests that one of the most important ways the Florin Creek Community Recreation Center can put to use this idea of a “Neighborhood News” website is by spreading the word on what programs are offered at the center and which events are taking place.  Black states, “The Florin Creek Recreation Center could use the idea of an online neighborhood news website to organize and publicize area events and discuss programs being hosted at the facility.”

Like the other five chosen “Neighborhood News Bureau” sites, the Florin Creek Community Recreation Center is doing its job as the gathering point, providing residents of Parkway and Valley Hi, educational programs and facility accommodations.