“Neigborhood News Bureaus” – Asian Resources
By Amy Lawrence

“Asian Resources is a non-profit community based organization established in 1980 dedicated to providing multiple social services needed in our community, empowering everyone we serve to become a vital part of our changing, diverse society.” – Asian Resources Mission Statement

Asian Resources offers many unique programs that make it an excellent Neighborhood News Bureau site. Some of these programs include on-the-job training, re-entry services and youth development. Asian Resources also provides many community services, such as a PG&E care program, citizenship class and homeowner and renter’s assistance. In addition, this nonprofit organization host community events, like their annual Lunar New Year Dinner and Fortune Festival.

Asian Resources has been serving limited English and low-income communities since its establishment. This organization was created to help community members to establish independence. To steer growth of the economy, Asian Resources helps connect people to jobs and employers. It focuses on preparing people for jobs by teaching them certain valuable skills and placing them in jobs that suit them.

There are several ways in Asian Resources could use the idea of an online neighborhood news website. Such a website would be ideal for making the public aware of the many services provided by Asian Resources. Stories about people in the community who have become very successful occupationally because of Asian Resources might also be a way this organization could utilize a neighborhood news website. These services show why Asian Resources is one of the five chosen Neighborhood News Bureau sites.