VIDEO: The California Endowment Marks 5 Years of BHC




All 14 B.H.C. sites represented with individual facts on various eco-friendly information posts.


Alyssa’s submission in a contest to represent her B.H.C. Hub in Fresno and the Sisterhood Rising agency on a local billboard.


Alyssa Valdivia: Alyssa is a 17yro youth leader in Fresno, CA who is ensuring that her neighborhood isn’t left behind and that health is the center of her message to decision makers.



Mariachi Arcoiris De Los Angeles: the only lgbt mariachi band in California hired by TCE to provide live entertainment.



One of the facts on the Sacramento B.H.C. post, also consisted of factual quotes such as “22% of people that live in Sacramento’s B.H.C. site, do not have health insurance.”

During the weekend of April 15th, The California Endowment hosted a 3-day convening to uplift multicultural and gender equality policy issues afflicted on colored youth throughout California. The event also provided youth with a opportunity to participate and portray leadership in local campaigns as well as establish networking relationships directly between The California Endowment also influencers Like Boys and Men of Color and Sisterhood Rising.



Celebratory panel discussing the 20yrs of fighting for health and justice with [far left hand side] Dr. Robert K. Ross, president and ceo of TCE, as moderator.


Building Healthy Community panel disccusing the updates of progress with [far left hand side] Manuel Pastor, USC Professor of Sociology and American Studies also Director of USC Program for Environmental and Regional Equity (PERE).










Each day of the event consisted of various workshops for both adolescents and executive members to attend. The weekend conference promoted training, education, and empowerment for its attendees to delve deeper into their ability to take action onto the streets and to the consciousness of government officials.  A vital aspect was a series of speaker panel forums held by TCE board members, its CEO and Vice President. They assessed the current progress of individual actions items they strive to promote as a collective effort from all 14 Building Healthy Community sites across the golden state. The conference also marked the 5 year mark out of 10yrs that this massive Building Healthy Communities project has continually established changes in justice and health for all. “Being a part of the California Endowment is wanting to be here, to be attentive, and being respectful also compassionately understanding of the peoples need surrounding you.” Says Dr. Robert K. Ross., President and CEO of TCE, “We don’t just fund the movement, we are the movement.”



Central LA locals who attended the 3-day conference hosted by TCE and, like hundreds of others, voluntarily marched in the rally.


Youth from Compton High marching band in East Oakland, who voluntarily played there personal hometown music routines during the TCE’s rally march.










TCE also gave youth and people of California a chance to take part in a non-violent protest march beginning at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel, where the 3-day conference took place, en-route towards the Los Angeles airport to send a message to political candidates were passing thru the city in order to initiate the alterations they demand out of justice, respect and societal serenity.



End of march, when protesters gathered in back of Sheraton Gateway Hotel in Los Angeles, CA to hear guest youth speakers.


A total of 650+ people voluntarily marched for thier demands of justice, health and racial equality for all.

Below is a brief video clip of the protest in action;