Students’ Opinions On Juvenile Justice Reform

Students’ Opinions On Juvenile Justice Reform

Across California and the country, criminal justice reform has become a relatively mainstream political issue.  Prior to election, Governor Gavin Newsom had campaigned heavily for meaningful juvenile justice reform across the state. The latest of these pushes for...


Half of the Farm to Fork City is a Food Desert

Half of the Farm to Fork City is a Food Desert

As the population of Sacramento continues to increase, developers take the opportunity to accommodate to the needs of new residents. New apartment complexes, businesses and restaurants pop up seemingly out of nowhere. As land is bought and built on, the communities...


The Daydream Fest Comes to An End

On August 3rd, Peach House Presents held its 3rd and final Daydream Festival. The gathering allowed for a beautiful showcase of all types of art and music from the community.

Students Aiming For Change

On Thursday, August 8th, the Students for Inclusive Communities Project held its first Info Social for youth to get involved with community planning. Veritable Good Consulting, a local organization focused on environmental justice within the Sacramento began the...

The Benefits of Veganism

In this video, some of the health benefits of going on a plant-based diet are discussed, including reducing the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, an ongoing issue in various communities.

Swap Your Junk at The Barter ‘N Brunch

Swap Your Junk at The Barter ‘N Brunch

On Sunday, July 28th, the first Barter ‘N Brunch took place at Sol Collective. Barter ‘N Brunch was a free swap meet for the community to bring their no longer needed belongings to trade with others, put together by Poppie Field Productions, in association with Peach...

Star Porras, Signing Back On!

Star Porras, Signing Back On!

It has been a little more than a month since I last produced content for AccessLocal, and it feels great to be back! Since the last time I wrote, I have accomplished quite a bit. I have been part of a few really fun projects, as well as started my own.   Shortly...

News Stories of the Last Few Weeks

Here at Access, we have been on a break for about a month. Within that month there have been many things that have happened in the news. Whether it be local, national, or worldwide. The last time I wrote for Access was back in late June 2019 and it was a very busy...

My Four Years At Access – By Ivan Caballero

I’m Ivan Caballero and I have been working here at Access Local for almost four years now. Four awesome years of writing, podcasting, and reporting. This job has given me so many opportunities to expand my skills, so much so that I’m not even entirely sure if I...

Neighborhood News Correspondent Star Porras, Signing Off

In my few months AccessLocal, I feel like I have gained so much more than at any other program I've ever been involved with. I've gained the courage to go up to random people and ask them questions about their opinions,  created videos that were shown on television,...

My Time At Access Local. TV

My Time At Access Local. TV

The thought of being at Access Local since June of 2018 is truly astonishing. Not only did I gain work and journalism experience, but I gained connections with people who have a similar passion to me and gained connections that I otherwise would not have acquired....



The Gift – 2018 “A Place Called Sacramento” Film Festival

“The Gift” by Ritu Atwal A young woman discovers that the greatest gift we can give to those we love, is honesty. Awards: "BEST ACTRESS in a LEADING ROLE" Rachel Brown "BEST ACTRESS in a SUPPORTING ROLE" Oliva Pratt "BEST EDITING" by Jag Sandju...

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