The City of Sacramento partnered with Verizon in order to bring free wifi to 12 city parks. Wifi has become a necessity for school and work, especially during a global pandemic. Free public wifi in public parks will be a huge help to college students, the homeless, people who have been laid off, or really anybody who doesn’t have a stable internet connection at home.


“I think both, the wifi busses and the wifi parks, increase access and connectivity which is a huge equity issue when we think about educational opportunities and distance learning in the fall,” said Stacy Ault, a professor at Sacramento State.


With colleges continuing distance learning in the fall, public wifi is more important to students than ever. This allows many disadvantaged students to continue their education. Without the wifi in parks, many would be unable to engage in distance learning.


The parks with wifi installed include Fremont Park, Brooks Truitt Bark Park, Bill Conlin Sports Complex, Carl Johnston Park, Cabrillo Park, Kokomo Park, Tahoe Park, South Natomas Park, Coloma Park, Southside Park, Garcia Bend Park, and Robertson Park.


The public wifi will only run during the park’s hours which means it’s only available from sunrise to sunset. Unfortunately if you have a late night online meeting or class you are out of luck. However, this time can be extended for special events.


“I think some challenges could be just, the heat in the park and how many young people will actually access parks during the daytime when, likely, they would need it the most for school… throw some misters in there and we got ourselves a game plan,” said Professor Ault.


Free public wifi in parks will be incredibly helpful to those who need it the most, as long as you can handle the heat.